arite fricke


In my artistic practice I deal with the concepts of social connectedness and the connectedness to nature in a play- and joyful way. I hereby look into my own status of connectedness based on my origin and cultural background. I take pictures and collecting materials when walking in a place or a landscape as well as reading philosophical texts which are reflected in my artwork. Coming from the fields of design, my art can be both two- and three dimensional, includes various materials and sometimes features movement, light and sound. Artistic Statement of Study

TILHEYRN 1 (bamboo, wrapping foil, photographs on plastic film, Japanese paper, tape, linen and cotton thread, 30x30 cm, 2022)

For Tilheyrn 1  I printed three pictures in black& white on foil and applied them together with wrapping foil and dyed Japanese paper onto  bamboo frames. The pictures are taken whilst walking during the past 4 years both in Iceland and Germany and carry memories that create feelings of connectedness. I also included cut-offs of Japanese paper, my students dyed with ink. Tilheyrn 1 is turning constantly in my living room window, reflecting colours but its also kind of cross-fading with the landscape behind. 


Jarlhettur crater chain in springtime. Oil on canvas. 70x50cm. 2018.


Icelandic landscape autumn colours. Oil pastels on A3 paper. 2021.


Dýrafjörður. Oil on canvas. 70x50cm. 2019.

Vörðufell and fruit in my favourite bowl. Oil on canvas. 40x40cm. 2018.

Bláfell - view from the living room. Oil on canvas. 80x50 cm. 2021.

7 walks and a small embroidery of the walks made of found thread.

View from Hansaplatz, Berlin, Germany. Watercolour and pencils. 30x20cm. 2021.


Animal life


Bjartur. Oil on canvas. 40x40cm. 2018.

Spuna Dís. Mixed media. 10,5x14,8 cm. 2022.

Högnhöfði in summer. Watercolor, cut-out drawings and photographs, dry plants. 21x29,7cm. 2017.

An Alpaca in front of Vörðufell. Oil on canvas. 60x40cm. 2018.

Our horses in Laugarás. Charcoal on paper. 21x29,7 cm. 2021.


My neighbours dogs friend. Oil on canvas. 50x35cm. 2019.


Chicken study. Acrylic on canvas. 40x25cm. 2021.

Kites & Art books

1. Book with tiny kites inside. 2. Book with different paper used for kite making. 3. Accordion book made for teaching purpose.

A tiny star is born. Chinese bamboo, Japanese paper, kite paper, linen thread. 8x8 cm. 2017.


Collection of kites from abroad and homemade kites. Kite paper and recycled paper. 2015.


1-2. Small clay sculptures inspired by ocean animals. 3. Small pumpkin inspired by Yayoi Kusama.

Bergþór and Hrefna, the two trolls from mountain Bláfell.  Props for the annual Christmas market in Reykholt. 2018.